Blake P. King, Atlanta Sales and Marketing Specialist, Gets Things Done

September 15, 2018
The career of Blake P. King as an Atlanta marketing specialist, began in earnest back in 2009, after he graduated from the University of Georgia at a time when the job market was one of the most difficult, after the worst economic downturn in nearly 80 years. His long job search finally brought results, in the form of an opportunity in the financial services industry, where he assisted individuals in reducing the size of debt payments. He discovered he was capable of lowering monthly payments for his clients and/or lowering their interest rates.

Blake P. King

His work got clients out of debt more quickly than otherwise, even as they discovered more money to spend on things they wanted, or things they felt brought value to their lives. One reason Blake P. King has been successful in the financial services industry and in the marketing industry has a lot to do with his natural ability to articulate his ideas in ways that makes sense, which brings them the best value. The customer or client simply has to believe they need the product. Blake truly believes that such a thing cannot be taught in a sales school or a seminar; it’s only learned through experience and practice.